Owner / Director at KC

Director Description

Miss Donna strives to provide a nurturing, loving, safe school where children feel welcome, secure, and comfortable to learn. In order to do that, she leads and directs staff and holds them to the highest of quality standards. Classrooms are overstaffed to provide consistency for the children and to allow teachers to fully engage in their classroom instruction.

Miss Donna is continually providing support and guidance to families as their children progress and develop. It is the personal attention you receive that sets Kid Country apart from others. It is truly a team effort, the families, directors, and staff are united in creating a plan of development that most benefits each child.

Also on Miss Donna’s to do list are the day-to-day business affairs. While working hard to ensure Kid Country is a top-notch center for children and their families, she is continually striving to make certain the business remains steady and reliable.

Miss Donna

Title: Owner
Experience: Donna Naleway has been the Owner since Kid Country Childcare opened in 2002. In 2022 she moved to more of an owner role and passed the responsibility for the day-to-day operations of Kid Country Childcare to her administration team. Donna now focuses on quality improvement, growth and marketing. She holds an associate’s degree from Joliet Junior College and a Level 1 Director’s Credential from the Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Professional Development system.